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Struggling with DD's?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

If you have what many consider a larger bust, you've probably struggled to find a supportive bra. You've looked for push up bras to combat the sagging, you've tried racerback bras to add a little more lift. You're frustrated and tired.

Don't worry- you're not alone and we can help you.

All these bras have the same cup volume.
All these bras have the same cup volume.

First things first- "DD" means nothing without the band size. Cup size is relative to band size.

If you're in a 38DD, you have the same cup volume as someone in a 32H or a 42C.

Most women who come for a fitting thinking they are DDs (or *grasp* DDDs) are really Gs or Hs. A lot of Is as well. The scale goes to M and beyond. DD is just the beginning and your local boutique can help you find the right sizes for you.

That said, what are the best bras for DD and up?

This is a 36HH (UK) aka US L. Like LMNOP
This is a 36HH (UK) aka US L. Like LMNOP

First of all, make sure you're actually a DD. Book a professional bra fitting and let us help you. The lift and support comes from a tight enough band. You can't lift something without touching it- your bra has to be snug. Not uncomfortable, but snug. It doesn't matter how broad your back is, or how much weight you're carrying in your belly. You are smaller around than you think.

Second bit of advice- soft cup bras with seams are usually the better choice for higher volume chests. The seams lift and shape. They form to you. Bras with molded cups require you to be the same shape as the mold. They are less forgiving when it comes to asymmetry and are more prone to gapping or overflow.

But my nipples.

Ok. Look. Everyone has nipples. We get it, we don't always want everyone to know about ours, but they are nothing to be ashamed of. There are a few solutions. Bras with seams often do a great job wrangling the nipples. The seams are usually placed to address that concern. For $12-$45 dollars you can buy reusable nipple covers that you can add to bras on days when you really want to ensure complete submission. Our advice? Buy the bra that fits and works with your outfits and add nipple covers if you need to.

We're not going to name brands or styles in this post. Grr you say- I want the silver bullet. Well, what works for you may not work for someone else. Size, shape, materials, style- they all matter especially if you have a larger bust. British brands often have larger cups. Some brands are cut deeper, some shallow. Different styles can require different sizes. Any bra that matches your size and shape is the best bra for DD+. So book your fitting and let us help.

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