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A Double D is NOT what you think

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means

If I had a nickel for every time someone said “I can’t be a double D”, well, I’d have a lot of nickels.

I have started to really bristle at the “80% of women are in the wrong size bra” figure, because more often than not the reason women are in the wrong size is where they are shopping, the correct size isn’t even available.

I don’t believe 80% of women are just throwing on any old bra and walking out of the store. I have been there. You take a pile of bras into the fitting room, try a bunch on, and walk out with the bra that seems to work the best. You start to get frustrated, sweaty, and don’t want to spend a dime to continue with such a nightmare. Sometimes you hit a winner, but more often than not, you have another bra shoved in your drawer to suffer through.

I had years of issues. I thought of myself as small breasted. I just kept grabbing A & B cups with increasingly larger bands. I gave up on wires because they hurt. The thing is, when I am measured, I am handed a 34C, and that did work better than what I was doing myself, but I still wasn’t happy. It wasn’t until a bra fitting guru from NYC put me into a 32F (European for a 32DDD) that I was FINALLY comfortable. The wires were behind all my breast tissue so they didn’t hurt. No one had ever asked me how something felt on my body, I didn’t know that was how a bra was supposed to fit. I just saw this picture on a certain discount retailers’ website. It’s a bra we carry, this is a fashion color, which is why it is discounted (we do the same thing with fashion colors).

This poor model has a wire sitting in her breast tissue (ouch!) the gore (center of the bra, between the two cups) is pulled away from her body and it just isn’t enough cup for her tissue. I happen to know this bra goes up to an H cup in her band size, so they do make this bra in a cup that would fit her. If stores that buy and sell bras don’t know how they fit, how are you supposed to?

And about the Double D…

As I like to say, that is the beginning of my alphabet here at La Pêche. We have sizes from 30-48 bands and up to M cups (British size J – that’s another blog post). Cup size is relative to band size. It’s what we call bra math. The cup size goes up with the band. For example, these two bras are both Ds. One is a 32 and one is a 42. A DD is not a static size. Every week, I fit a woman who asks for a B cup and leaves somewhere in the land of the D’s. How could she be expected to know that isn’t the largest size when it is in most retailers? Even if you can find other sizes, all that bra math is really hard to figure out!

So, come and let us help you. Maybe you are a B cup. We have plenty of those too. But when you finally find the right size, you may want to have bras not shoved in the back of you drawer, but lovingly put away like mine. Really, this can be fun. Let us help.


Yes, the matching undies are tucked in there.

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Oct 27, 2021


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