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A La Pêche Fitting room

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions and we have answers!

How much does a bra fitting cost?

Fittings are free with the expectation that if you find it here you buy it here. Another way to look at it is your purchase comes with free fitting services. Please don't steal our labor and buy online. If we can't get it, we'll tell you where you can. Everything we sell is protected by MSRP and not cheaper online anyway (or not by vetted retailors at least).​​​

Are appointments required?

No, though they are highly recommended. Store hours may be affected by bookings. Click here to book yours!

Do you have to see me in my birthday suit?

Nope. It is helpful if your fitter can see you in both your current bra and at least one or two of the bras we bring you. However, you can always keep your shirt on (thin t-shirt would be best), wear one of our fitting shirts or the robe in your fitting room. The less we can see, the more questions we'll ask you. The more open and honest you are with the answers the better your fitting will be. We will not take offense- we're here to help you. Touching is always optional. On the flip side, we're also happy to be in the room with you and physically help (assuming business levels allow). It's important that you can put on the bras by yourself, but once you're confident, we can help with the options. We wrote a whole blog about this topic if you want to keep reading about the experience.

What sizes do you carry? How much are they?

Not all bras come in all sizes, but we generally carry 28-48 bands and AA-O cups. XS-3X are the most common sizes available in lingerie, sleepwear and knickers. We're always happy to source more sizes and colors as needed!

We believe bras are working garments and quality is important. That said, we often have old fashion colors and discontinued styles on sale, plus bras that range from the mid $40s to over $200. We are happy to work within a budget, but please consider that while we can find everything on your wish list, it might not all be in one bra. 

What if I have no idea what size I am?

Don't worry- that's our job.

First, you will more than likely end up with more than one size- brands and styles can and often do fit differently. There are also different sizing scales used by different countries. Fit matters more than size.

If you're trying to narrow it down at home, there are two basic measurements to take. With a soft tape measure (or string you can measure), measure under your bust. Parallel to the ground and snug is best. That's your band measurement. Don't add anything other than rounding to the nearest even number (which might be lower- unless you really did pull tight enough). Next up, same tape across the fullest part of your bust. Each inch of difference between the two numbers is a cup letter. You'll probably come up with a size you didn't think existed. It does. Remember, you're here because the 38DD you've been buying isn't working. 32H is probably the size you should start with. Next, try different sizes, shapes, styles, and fabrications. Or, just book a fitting and we'll cut through all the options and get you in bras that fit. 

Do you offer custom bras?

We do not, but with over 180 sizes and thousands of bras to choose from you probably don't need one. A UK K cup is the equivalent to 12 Ds. There are at least 9 Ds past the DDD available in big box and department stores.

Do you use the +4 method?

No- that's an old school method from when the fabric used for bras wasn't as technical or stretchy. 

Do you offer mastectomy, post surgical and other specialty bras?

You betcha. We have more information about our breast cancer support here, and have a wide selection of other specialty bras in stock or available to order. We also have breast prostheses and other inserts.

Do you have nursing bras?

Of course! We have several different options in stock in Manchester and access to different colors and sizes. We recommend something stretchy and wireless for the first few weeks, then come in for a fitting.

Do you carry bras for teens/ tweens?

They are some of our favorite things. We take first fittings and educating tweens and teens very seriously. Here's a little more information, but rest assured, we shop for styles and colors that young folks will feel amazing in and parents are comfortable buying.


Do you carry bras for men?

Short answer, no. Longer answer- we're honored to help women in the transgender community. If a bra fitting is gender affirming and you identify as a woman (or are non-binary but have breast tissue that needs support) we're happy to help you with bra fitting. If you have recently had augmentation surgery, please get the OK from your doctor for bras. Everyone is welcome to shop and try things on (swim suit rules apply- please wear your own knickers until you own bodysuits or other bottoms), but our fitting services are reserved for those who identify as women. Typical "male" bodies are outside of our inventory priorities and often fall outside the size charts of most of our vendors. 

How should I care for my bras?

We recommend handwashing. I know I know. Another thing. But with easy to use products like Soak, and it really does extend the life of your bras. Read more about bra care here. Never never never in the dryer. Ever.


How long do bras last?

The classic answer- it depends.  We wrote a longer piece here, but the short answer is you need one to wear, one to wash, one resting. If you only have three bras, they'll last 9-12 months depending on care. If you have more than that and you rotate them, they'll last longer. The strapless you wear once a month will last almost forever. 

How should I store my bras?

It depends what kinds of bras you have and what your storage situation is. Molded cups shouldn't be folded in- nest those in each other in a drawer. Soft cups can be folded- we flip the straps inside and fold them in half and keep them in drawers. There's more information here and we're happy to offer advice!

Why do my straps always slip?

Two main possibilities- your bra is too big or it's worn out. More details here. It could also be the wrong shape for your body.

How can I tell if my bra fits?

If your bothers you, it's not your bra. Bras should be comfortable. They should be snug like a hug. The wires shouldn't poke you. The straps shouldn't slip or dig. You should put your bra on in the morning and not think about it until you're changing into pajamas at night. Your cups should be big enough for all your tissue, but not have room for friends. Your band should be and stay parallel to the ground. If that doesn't sound like your bra, book a fitting- we can help!

How can I tell if my bra needs replacing?

That bra you loved 6 months ago (or more) is driving you batty? It might need replacing or you might just need to tighten the band to the next set of hooks. Does your bra have holes? Stains? Rips? Are you on the tightest hooks? Have you gained or lost weight and the size is off? It might be time. Click here to book a refresh or a wardrobe boost. If you don't need new bras, we'll tell you!

What kind of training do you have?

Our staff is highly trained. We hire based on aptitude and personality, and train every day. We attend seminars and invite our vendors to provide brand specific training. We are confident that anyone you work with knows our stock and the ins and outs of bra fitting. Interested in a job? We're always interested in meeting new people!

I'm hooked, where can I connect with you?

We have a Facebook group, and an insiders page- we'd love to connect via email and text too!

More questions? Email them to us and we'll answer you and add it here!

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