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Why Your Bra Size Is Irrelevant

"What's my size?"

It's one of the most common questions we get in the fitting room.

And it's the one we try to avoid answering. Here's why.

Your bra size will change. It will change year over year. It will change between brands. It may change even within brands by style. It will change depending on the system the bra manufacturer uses. It also doesn't define you.

You are more than a number and a letter.

A happy customer walked out the other day with a 40DD by Wacoal and a 40D by Chantelle. Same person, different bras, same level of fit. Another was psyched with a 34F (UK sizing), a 34I in European sizing, and two 32Gs in Empreinte which has deep cups and forgiving bands.

So it's not about the number or the letter, it's about the fit. It's about the support and style and coverage. It's about how it makes you feel and look.

No one but you will ever know what that tag says (well, ok, we will- but we won't tell).

So book a fitting. Try on different styles. Let us help.

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