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Sexy Lingerie

What is sexy lingerie exactly? Who gets to decide?

You do.

For you.

Sexy lingerie can be anything that helps you feel amazing. For some, that's a sheer bodysuit. Others a thong and push up bra. It could be a pair of high-waisted briefs and a full coverage bra that fits impeccably.

Because here's the thing - sexy isn't one thing. It's an attitude, not a garment. What one might find sexy, another might find too much. You could have what others define as a "smoking hot body" and be wearing the latest in what society says is "sexy" and feel self conscious and shy.

Or you could be wearing a free t-shirt over your favorite full coverage bra. You could feel supported and empowered by the lingerie you're wearing doing the dishes. That too is sexy.

Lastly, feeling good in your body isn't something you should save for special occasions. You should wear lingerie that helps you feel amazing every single day for you, not someone else. If you feel like nothing in your top drawer sparks that joy and confidence, come see us. You can book online or stop in. We have selections for all tastes and body types. Do it for you, not just for someone else.

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