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Buy The Matching Bottoms

Life as a busy mom and business owner doesn't always leave room for keeping the matching bottoms on the same laundry rotation as the matching bra, but I buy them anyway.

Two if they're a style I really like and I'll admit I've skipped tiny thongs in favor of something that goes instead.


Because there is power in a matched set.

It doesn't matter if anyone else sees it.

You know you feel amazing.

If doesn't matter if it's under a power suit or a sweat suit.

The layer closest to your heart is fabulous and you know it.

If nothing else goes well that day, you aced the first layer of your wardrobe.

Sometimes the matching bottoms are boring or awkward, so we offer options that go. Different cuts in the matching beige or black that may not be the actual bottom from the line. Chantelle is a great option - they make soft stretch hipsters and briefs in the same colors they use in the bras. Plus, they're line free and comfortable. Win win win.

So next time you book a fitting, put in the notes you're looking for sets. We'll be sure to have the options ready. You deserve to feel amazing.

Aubade Garden Bikini
Buy the set.

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