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How to Give Lingerie

Giving lingerie can be tricky. Bras come in so many sizes and styles- it can easily become an overwhelming project.

That's why your local lingerie shop can help. We cut through the noise and know what she's looking for. We made notes in our system about what she didn't buy last time and wanted. We have great items that come in small, medium and large. We have a Knicker Club and will send just the right thing every month for as long as you keep the subscription going.

And you know what else?

"Lingerie" means different things to different people.

For some, it's tiny and lacy and only for fancy times. For others, it's just what we wear every day. Lingerie can be a plain beige brief or the tiniest thong.

It's personal.

So how to give it?

Know your audience. Take a sneak peek at her drawer if you can. Know if she's a thong person or not. Go to your local shop and ask for help. Have the fitter help you. Remember, you're shopping for her. So if she hates thongs, buy the beautiful knickers or the robe.

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a gift card and an appointment. We all deserve to feel amazing.

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