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Save Time and Money- Shop Small!

As a small business, we here often that people would "love to shop small but everything is so much more expensive."


Let's talk about it.

It's true, small shops don't have the volume buying power that big box stores have. We can't afford to sell a lot (or really any) items at or below cost. It can be frustrating to see the Instagram ad for smoothing we sell for cheaper than we can buy it for. But here's what you get buying from us:

  1. Quality product- with appropriate care, our inventory is designed to last well beyond one season. You can buy one nice bra and expect it to last 9-12 months instead of replacing it every three. We go into more detail here.

  2. Curated selection. You save time by not searching a packed rack of things you don't want trying to find your size. Everything is merchandized together to make choosing easy, and we bring you items we think will work with your body or goals. We've done the work to offer only options that will work. No more decision fatigue.

  3. Customer service- we save you time and hassle- no more buying 10 things, trying them on at home, hassling with the return, buying more, returning those... we explain what to look for, teach you about fit, keep records so you don't have to start from scratch every time and we know what to try next if and when your body or needs change.

So maybe you're paying a little more up front, but you're leaving with the right thing. You might not even be paying more- most of what we sell is protected by MSRP- we're not setting the price anyway, so it's the same dollar amount from us as it is on a big online shop. If it's a gift, we'll even wrap it for you. Need it shipped? Bring the address. You made one stop for your mom, mother in law, sister and cousin. You also picked up the shapewear you need for that holiday ball. There's a lot of buzz about shopping small and shopping local, and for good reason. It's a better experience, your money stays in your community, and you walk out to your car with what you need- no waiting, no fuss.

Click here to book your fitting, or come on in and shop. We promise it'll be a great experience!

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