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How to Invest in Bras and Save Money

It's no secret that well made bras are an investment. Sure, you could go to a national big box store and probably spend $9.99 on something that seems fine. If you are young, fit and in the A-D size range, that investment will probably last a few months of wear.

But you'll have to go back to the store and reinvest when it falls apart in the wash. Or when the wire breaks through. Or the hooks pull out.

So what's the alternative?

Invest in your bras- save money and time.

Go get a professional fitting at your local boutique. Listen to your fitter even if you think the size their suggesting doesn't even exist. Buy three bras you like from them. Get the wash bag and the delicates soap. Whatever you do, don't take pictures of the tag and try to get it cheaper on Amazon. That's heartbreaking for the small business you just stole labor from.

Happy woman in a well fitted quality bra

Invest in two skin tone and one dark colored bra (or the ratio that best matches your wardrobe). One to wear, one to wash, one recovering. Your bras will last the longest if you don't wear them back to back and keep them clean. You don't have to wash your bras after every wear, but you should be able to remember the last time you washed it.

It might feel frivolous to spend money on foundations, but I promise, in the long run, investing in your bras will pay off.

A well fitting and well made bra does all of the following:

  • Improves your posture

  • Reduces strain on your neck, back and shoulders

  • Makes your clothes fit better

  • Lasts longer

We see it all the time- a $100 bra can make a $10 t-shirt look amazing, but a $10 bra can ruin an entire outfit. Properly supporting the weight of your breasts is important to your overall health- you won't spend the day thinking about your bra (reducing your mental load) and you neck and shoulders won't be stressed.

How will it last longer?

Well, it's made better. The seams are sewn better. The fabric is higher quality. The details are attended to. Hooks are solid. Everything lies flat including seams and lace. It's the same reason your Danskos last longer than the flip flops from the drugstore.

Quality over quantity.

A well made and cared for bra that fits should last about a year if it's in a rotation with at least two others. Say you wear it 122 days a year (365/3) and it cost $100. $100/122=$0.84.

You don't have to spend $100 per bra either. There are some great options in the $60-$80 range. That brings the cost per day down to $0.49 or $0.65 a day.

That $9.99 bra we talked about above? The one that will probably last about a month? That's $0.33 per day, plus gas to replace, and time to shop. If you live close to the store, it's probably about $3 in gas these days. Now it's $0.44 per day. Not including your time. Disposal costs. Plus, that big box store only stocks maybe 20 sizes, so if you're outside that small range, the $9.99 bra will cost more in Advil and self confidence.

Invest in your bras. Build a lingerie capsule wardrobe that meets your needs and is well made. Shop with professional bra fitters at small businesses. Repeat this investment once a year- check the fit (a lot can happen in a year) and retire bras that are no longer serving you. Save money, feel amazing.

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