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Why We're not Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is one of those hot terms floating around the internet right now. Some see it as a way to democratize fashion- get the it styles of the day in the hands of the people now. Others, like us, see it as a huge burden on our systems, environment, and values. It shifts the focus and takes away from the comfort and quality we deserve.

Audrey Stanton shared a great article on that offers some insights and definitions. Here's a startling fact from her article;

Each year, the clothing that is simply thrown away amounts to about 11 million tons in the US alone. These garments, full of lead, pesticides, and countless other chemicals, almost never break down and spend their life releasing these toxic chemicals in the air. Fast fashion’s carbon footprint is giving huge industries like air travel and oil a “run for their money.”
Along with the effects fast fashion has on our earth, these processes affect the humans who wear them, and the humans who make them. Some garments and accessories even have dangerous amounts of lead in them, and exposure to lead increases one’s risk of infertility, heart attacks and more. Skin is the largest organ of the body and putting on these poorly made items on it is dangerous all on its own.

So that's why we work tirelessly to bring you high quality bras and sleepwear at a fair price. Sure, we bring in fashion colors here or there, and seasonal pajamas that we feel will stand the test of time. We don't intend for you to wear your skiing flannels in July, but we hope you get a full winter season or two out of them.

Our business model is based on customer service, fit, and quality. 100% silk, long staple pima cotton, sustainable modal (made from beech trees and biodegradable), and other quality materials with an attention to finishing and detail that will stand the test of time. We bring in bras made to last- with finished seams, high quality fasteners and impeccable fabrics. We focus on fit so you get the most wear out of your bra. We'd rather you have a smaller bra wardrobe that fits perfectly and rotates evenly than sell you 20 cheap bras you wear three times and throw out.

It's a risky business model. It requires a consumer (you) who sticks with us. Who returns when you need a new bra. Who sends in a friend who needs our help. We love that there are so many of you that have gotten on board with our slow fashion model. We're making an impact every day, no matter how small. We can't compete on volume with the big online stores, but we can help you feel amazing.

So thank you. We're honored to be here.

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