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Buy the Nice Pajamas

I unpacked my winter p.j.’s last week.

Typical 1960s ski chalet

Yes, I have seasonal pajamas, for several reasons. First, I live in a 1960’s ski chalet (example to the left). If you are not familiar with this architecture, there is only a tiny bit of storage, so along with all my other winter clothes, the flannels are packed away.

Second, I do not have A.C, so there is very little chance I will use those pajamas for the few months they are packed away. Finally, I really do love the cozy p.j’s we have in the store and I am a total comfort hound. I may have a bit of a collection of favorites.

Cozy by the fire in my winter pjs

This is the fourth season I have pulled out these P. Jamas flannels which they sadly discontinued. They have been washed and dried multiple times a week for the six (eight) months of winter. They are still beautiful. Washing has made them soft and even more cozy. If I can manage to keep any major stains or random tears away, I imagine I will be wearing them for many more years. They bring me joy and comfort every time I pull them on.

Classic Eberjey pajamas

It’s why we carry the nice pajamas. So they last, and they get better with age. When you pull them out they make you think of cozy nights by the fireplace, relaxation and comfort. They become part of your routine- your self care. Coffee on the porch on those early summer mornings. Wrapped in a soft blanket by a crackling fire Christmas Eve. These are not times for fast fashion- these are the times for making memories.

Buy the nice pajamas.

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