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How Many Bras Do I Really Need?

How many bras do I have? ⁠

Enough. Let's just leave it at that...⁠

How many do you need?⁠

At least three workhorse bras that go with your every day wardrobe. These could be seamed or not, molded or not. They should fit you for every day wear. They should also be fun and you should enjoy wearing them. One should be dark or a fun color if you wear dark clothes.⁠

Then you need one well fitting and supportive strapless or convertible bra. That's four. ⁠

You should have one smooth bra. This could be molded or soft, but it's for those tight outfits where you don't want to see seams. Nothing wrong with seams, but it's good to have options.⁠

And the last two?⁠

Wireless weekend bras that support. ⁠

You could or should add two well fitting sports bras (one to wear, one to wash) if you are a sports person. You might want a dark strapless if you wear strapless outfits a lot (the dark color will be better under dark tops that might bleed dye). ⁠

So, what's missing? Book online or stop in to round out your wardrobe.⁠

You should also have at least one special bra that you wear because it really makes you happy. It should not stay in the drawer. You should wear it. Under t-shirts. Under dresses. To the Opera. To the fair. Life is short. Wear the bra.

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