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Do you need a custom bra?

Sometimes we look through our website analytics and see what search terms people use to find us. Mostly the results are what we expect, but recently "custom bra" showed up on the list.

To clarify, we don't make bras.

Turns out, the person who searched for "custom bra" called us and ended up booking a fitting.

Now, I'm not going to spill any details, but her story is one we hear every day and it's the reason we're here. It goes like this:

20+ years are spent shopping at big box stores where the size selection is 32-38 (maybe 40) A-DDD. Most of the bras have hard foam cups and none of them fit. The 38DDD is the closest option, but the band rides up, straps slip, quadboob is the norm and bras are ripped off at the threshold every evening.

Throughout that time, the bra wearer is uncomfortable and feels like they are the problem. "Everyone else" finds their size, so they must be the problem.

Out of chance or desperation, they find themselves in our fitting room ready to relive the standard nightmare of nothing fitting.

Only they're not alone in a box store, they're here, in our fitting room.

Turns out, they're a 34H. One of our most common sizes. We have basics, fashion, bralettes, sets, sleepwear with support all in their size.

They walk out of the shop with bras that fit their body and life and a spring in their step.

This happens every day.

Has is happened to you? We'd love a testimonial or a google review. We'd love you to bring a friend. Does this sound like something you'd like to experience? Book a fitting or come see us. You've spent too long in bras that don't fit. We can help. You deserve to feel amazing.

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