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DDs are Everywhere

A fellow came in the other day to do a little shopping for his girlfriend.

He was wandering a bit so I asked if he needed any help.

"That would be great- thanks!"

"What size person is she?"

He proceeds to give her details, then ends with "and she's got DDs. Her boobs are huuuuge. Like Pam Anderson level."

So much to unpack there.

First, we love helping men shop for you, and I don't mean to pick on this guy. Women make this mistake too.

Second, Pam Anderson is only a DD if she's wearing the wrong size bra. Sigh.

Third, and most important- DD doesn't exist without the band size (the number) and isn't that big.

Cup size is relative to band size and DDs are everywhere.

To wear a DD, the fullest part of my bust only has to be 5" more than my band measurement.

Here are some other things that are 5"

  • iPhone 7.

  • 2 adult thumbs.

  • 5 garden snails.

  • 6.5 pennies.

  • Bic pen.

  • Soda can.

  • Small teaspoon.

  • 3.5 K-cups.

Not so huuuuge right?

Here's an example using Ds-

See how much bigger the bra is on the top? It's because the entire bra is bigger.

The top bra measures 42" from hook to hook and 46" inches if you go up an over the cups.

The bottom bra is 32" from hook to hook and 36" if you go up and over the cups.

Both Ds.

Different volume. Different person.

Culture in the US is so weird about bra size. It probably is leftover from our puritan days, but we continue to struggle to move past the idea that bras come in all the letters of the alphabet. Major retailors increase their margins and decrease your self-esteem by only carrying a few sizes.

32-38A-DD is only 20 sizes. Women come in more than 20 sizes.

30-46A-M is 104 sizes and sometimes that doesn't quite cover it.

So to get back to the point- DDs are everywhere. Most of your friends who think they're 34Ds or 36Cs are really 32DDs. The same day the doting boyfriend did his shopping, we had a lovely booked fitting who came in wearing a 40DD and left looking stunning in a 38I. The band on the 40 went under her bust and so high up her back the hooks were centered between her shoulder blades. The cups were covering her nipples and that was about it. She looked lighter and lifted by the time she left.

DDs are everywhere. They're the beginning of the alphabet. We're here to help you.

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