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Save Money, buy the really nice bra

We don't want you to buy a lot of bras.

(Well, not at once anyway.)

We don't want you to buy a bra just because it's on sale.

We want you to buy the right number of bras for your lifestyle that really fit you.

A $20 sale bra that is uncomfortable and you only wear it once cost $20 a wear.

A $100 bra that you wear 100 times costs $1 a wear.

So buy three great bras and wear them each 100 times instead of buying 15 $20 bras that don't fit. You'll save time, money, stress and the environment (less to throw out!).

buy bras you love

Your bra wardrobe should match your clothing wardrobe- you should have enough bras to rotate a few times before laundry day. The shapes and styles should not only fit your body, but work with the types of fabrics and cuts of clothes in your closet.

If you never wear strapless tops, then a strapless bra is a nice to have for emergencies, not a must have for summer.

If you wear white shirts, you should have a red bra to go under them. If you don't own a single light colored top, grab the black, blue, green, grey or other fun color that you love.

Never wear clinging fabrics? Then you probably don't need a t-shirt bra- you can (and depending on your size should) grab a three or four part cup with the amazing support.

Work outside sweating all day? You should own a few great sports bras. If your idea of sports is running to the car when it's really raining, you can skip it.

We're not in the business of selling you as many bras one time as we can. We're in the business of educating and helping you match your bra wardrobe to your life and your body. We want to sell you the three or four bras you need for your life, and when those wear out in about a year (with consistent wear and good care), we'll be here to help you replace them.

When our shoes get holes in them, we throw them out and get new ones. When our pants don't fit after our second baby, we get new ones. We don't suffer through other ill-fitting clothing choices, why in the world do we suffer in our bras?

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