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Is Your Bra Too Old?

Look, we all do it.

We have a favorite bra.

We wear it every day.

It starts to do us no favors.

We deny it.

So how do you know if your bra is too old?

1. It has any signs of wear- ripped, stained, missing hooks- girl, things are bad if this is the case. You deserve better.

2. You don't remember when you bought it. Bras last 9-12 months with regular wear. We don't mean "I bought it on April 7th, 2019 at 2:00" but if you're not sure if you've had it since this spring or last, it's too old.

3. It just doesn't fit like it used to. It might still be the favorite, but maybe you're seeing a little more sag these days, or a little too much spilling. Maybe you're starting to notice your bra again. It might be a favorite, but it's time. Plus, if you replace it now, the chances are higher it hasn't been discontinued...

Look, we know these things are expensive. We know the media and our friends tell us shopping for bras is hard. That's why we're here. To take away the misery. To help you. To bring you the sizes and shapes that are going to work. We're experts and if you're reading this post, you probably know deep down that's it's time. Come see us. Book a fitting or come in anytime we're open.

You deserve to feel amazing every day.

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