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Bra Fitting Disasters

In a world where everyone is an influencer and an expert, it can be tricky sometimes to know who to trust.

Here's what we've learned from our years in the bra business- buying bras can be tricky, but professional bra fitters make a huge difference.

It's why we only sell a few sale bras online- we believe trying on a bra is very important.

Just because you're a certain size in one style by one brand doesn't mean you're the same size in another style or brand.

Professional bra fitters can help you. We're truly experts.

Another local chain retailer sells bras online, and off of long, often disorganized racks in their physical store. Here are three examples of bras they put on models (the same models appear throughout their website):

The beige bra is by Hanro. The cups are the wrong shape for this model- she needs a demi or balconette- this has too much coverage and is puckering. Probably not just a smaller cup because the side of the bra looks pretty good. Maybe a smaller band, but more than likely, she needs a different style.

The brown bra is the middle. Ooof. Where to begin. It's a Wacoal we've seen but don't carry. The model's breasts are not filling the bottom of the cup. The underwire on the side is probably sitting on her breast tissue. The cups don't encapsulate all of her tissue. The gore (the middle) seems to sit on her sternum, but this style of bra is supposed to go all the way to the top of your cleavage.

The blue bra is one of our best sellers by Wacoal. The cups go to H, and this model needs way more cup than this size. Look at the wire under her left arm- right on her sensitive tissue. The gore isn't touching. We've got spillage. Shudder.

Here are those same three bras, in the same order, properly fitted.

Now, never mind that these models are all skinny. The weight of the models around their middles has nothing to do with how the bras fit their chests. I won't even get into the observation that all the "full figured" bras on their site are shown on plus size models. The size of your chest has nothing to do with the size of the rest of you. You can have a full bust on a little body, a shallow bust on a bigger body and any combination you can think of.

So here's the thing- if you have an opportunity to shop with an expert versus a chain that threw these bras on some poor woman and said "eh, close enough", why wouldn't you?

The Hanro bra is on sale on their site and in likely discontinued, or at least in that color, same with the two Wacoal bras. We can (and do) put discontinued styles and colors on sale every day. I guarantee if the ladies from the chain images came in, they would leave our store happier, more supported, and more comfortable. The bras they're wearing in the images would be in our donate bucket if not the trash.

Don't you deserve that too? Come on in and see us. Let us bring you the sizes and styles that will work for your body. Don't suffer through ill-fitting bras. You deserve to feel amazing.

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