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Pride Month

So we're still a few weeks away from June, but we wanted to be sure to get this message out.

We're a safe space for you.

Wherever you fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, we're here. We're honored to help.

We believe in helping you feel amazing. That a well-fitting bra, bralette, bodysuit or lingerie set can be lifechanging. That you are deserving now in the body you have today.

Person with pride flag

Your records with us are private. We don't sell your data. You can use whatever name you like. Pronouns- your choice. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. We only ask for honest answers to our questions, either a willingness to try things or clear direction, and for any incisions (if that's even part of it) be healed. You can read more about what to expect at a bra fitting here. Your experience will be tailored for you and based on your individual needs. Our fitting rooms have full doors and are 100% private.

We have years of experience with implants on all body types and all sizes. We have experience working with little to no breast tissue. We can maximize or minimize what you have. We don't have a good selection of prosthetics, so bring yours, or we can special order from our vendors. We focus on fit- body and lifestyle, and involve and educate you throughout the process. We want you to know why something fits (or not).

One small caveat. Our fitting services are reserved for folks who genuinely identify as women, or are seeking our services to affirm their gender.

What are we saying between the lines?

Anyone is welcome to shop. We'll point you in the right direction. We reserve our professional fitting services for women and those who identify as pretty much anything except cisgender male.

Peace love and happiness. Gratitude and Grace. Positive vibes only. Love is all we need.

When we say we're honored to help, we mean it. Helping someone see themselves in a new light with a great bra is why we're here. It inspires us to keep showing up, keep attending trade shows, taking continuing education, and slogging through all the tedious back office business stuff.

So, while this message will be amplified in June, know that we're here for you 359 days a year (also known as every day except major holidays). You can book online or come in. Want to come in early or after hours? Reach out- we'll make it happen.

Happy Pride!

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