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How to Find a Great Bralette

A great bralette is a must have for any bra wardrobe.

Weekends, sleeping, under summer shirts, travel- there are tons of reasons to skip the underwire and try a bralette.

So what's the difference between a bralette and a wireless bra?

Sometimes, truthfully, not much. At La Pêche, we tend to define them by function. Wireless bras are typically worn instead of a traditional underwire bra. They tend to be more utilitarian and practical. This is a great wireless bra by Evelyn & Bobbie that many people wear as an everyday bra. It comes in a few neutral shades, plus black and fun fashion colors.

Wireless bras can be padded or not, seamed or not, pocketed or not. Really, the only thing they can't have is a wire.

Bralettes can also be utilitarian and practical, but they are typically a little more fun. Like the one in the cover image of this blog. Or this one from Cosabella. We carry the Curvy sizing- it's specifically designed for smaller ribs and fuller busts. They also make a Super Curvy and an Ultra Curvy (in different styles) so there really is a bralette for everyone. This style looks great under a tank top or dress when whatever you do your bra is going to show. They're great for travel. Sleeping, lounging on the weekend, running errands. Really anytime you don't want to wear an underwire bra.

Depending on your tissue, a bralette might offer the same amount of support as an underwire bra, though it will probably struggle to offer the same level of lift and separation. If you're looking for a bralette to replace an underwire bra, look for structure. Look for seams. Look for changes in density of the fabric. Look for adjustable straps and hook closure.

As for quality? Well, you get what you pay for. Cheap bralettes have a place- if you need just the right shade of orange for a costume or one outfit, cheap might be the way to go. If you're looking for a bralette to have has part of your bra wardrobe, it should be of a similar quality as your bras. It should have tidy seams, flat lace, smooth elastic. It should be the right size and shape for your body.

Still stumped? We can help. Book a fitting or stop in. Put a note in your comments that you're looking for wireless or bralettes and we'll bring you options that work for your body and wardrobe. Bring the fun summer shirt that needs the right solution for underneath. Let's get you feeling amazing!

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