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Summer Bras- Dos and Don'ts

Summer is right around the corner... the AC kicks in about mid day and the heat has stopped coming on at night... and with the changing seasons come changes in wardrobes- summer shirts and dresses are here!

But what to wear underneath?

Whatever fits you and feels good.

Show you bra. Don't show your bra. Your choice. Either will look amazing as long as your bra fits and supports you.

Truthfully, you can get away with quadboob and too loose of a band in the winter under baggy sweaters and vests. Not so much in t-shirts and blouses. You want the band to be tight enough to support you and the cups big enough to contain and lift all your breast tissue.

A minimizing bra might be an ideal solution under button down shirts that pull a little at the buttons but fit everywhere else. So might a little strip of double sided tape.

A bra with pretty straps might be a solution for shirts that don't guarantee the straps will stay covered.

A strapless bra with great support might be the solution for most of those beautiful sundresses and spaghetti straps (and, obviously, strapless...). Such a thing does exist- promise.

Some quick Dos and Don'ts:

Do- wear a bra that fits- tight band, big enough cups.

Don't- panic if your bra shows- 50% of the people you see (or more) are wearing them...

Do- try a bralette- we have sizes and styles for almost everyone! It's a fun way to relax but still feel supported

Don't- relegate yourself to plain, smooth, beige or black bras. Flat seams rarely show through the tightest shirts (and let's be honest, we don't wear tight shirts all the time...) and many colors don't show through the clothes we actually wear... and hey, so what if they do?

Do- go see your local bra fitter, or find one on vacation when you have the time. Bring something your struggle to wear because of the straps/ color/ cut. Take a few minutes and let us help you find solutions to your summer wardrobe questions so you can feel confident all summer long!

Happy summer!

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