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Brand Spotlight: Anita and Rosa Faia Bras and More

We feature a lot of really beautiful lingerie on our website and social media because that's what attracts attention (and it's fun!). The truth of the matter is we sell more practical beige bras than anything else. One of our go to bra brands is Anita (and her sister brands Rosa Faia, Anita Care and Anita Swim).

Anita has a little bit of everything. They have great cut and sewn bras like the pink one upper left and the white one below it. They also have great smooth bras with and without wires. Their sports bras are what I reach for when I'm heading out for a run or to coach. Amazing size range and support.

They also have amazing post mastectomy products. Their Lotta bra is a pocketed Small-3x back clasp (Lynn is the same shape but with a front zipper) bra that we sell every day to people who need the pocket and people who just want an amazingly comfortable and supportive no wire bra. They have a great tank with a built in bra as well, plus nursing bras and swimwear.

Being from Germany, everything is meticulously engineered and they stand by their products. The very few times we've had a manufacturing defect or quality issue the brand is quick to make it right. They pay a lot of attention to detail and structure and their bras are some of the best for full cups. We also love their bra sized swimwear (even if the sizing on the tag is a little confusing sometimes.

If you haven't tried the brand, now's the time. We've got a lot of options in store (and even a few online)- book your fitting and come on in!

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