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How to Store Your Bras

So you have a properly fitting bra collection (and matching bottoms)- now what?

Store them and care for them carefully.

Now, you can opt to invest in bra specific systems- we've found some good ones online, or you can use what you have.

Here at the shop, we store bras three ways- hanging on hangers, nestled in drawers, and folded in drawers.

As a rule, molded bras should be hung or nestled. If you are going to fold them, don't turn one cup inside out to fit in the other- it will ruin that cup and shorten the life of your bra. When we wrap bras in tissue to put in your shopping bag, we fold so the inside edges of the wires are touching, or we give you a bigger bag if you have bigger cups.

Molded bras in drawers is another option. Place the bras cups up, as if the bottom of the drawer was your body, and line the cups up within each other- like oreos in the plastic tray.

Hanging is the least likely to make sense for home use, though if you have room, we're more than happy to give you hangers. You could also repurpose a closet shoe hanger or make your own. The goal is to use the straps evenly and prevent the cups from smooshing.

This is true regardless of wire- you want to do what you can to keep the shape of the bra.

Soft cup bras are more forgiving. You can fold these and the cups will lie flat. We put the bra face down, fold the straps down over the cups, fold the back of the band in over the cups and close the cups like a book. This helps keep the hooks from hooking on other things, the straps from tangling, and generally makes it easier to stand the bras on end (again, like oreos in the plastic tray. You could also fold the matching bottoms and place them in the bra before you close the cups together (make life easy right?).

If you're going to hang your bra on a bar of some sort, hang it by the center (the gore) so everything hangs down evenly. Hanging by one strap will slowly stretch out that strap (unless you are meticulous about switching straps, and let's be honest, you're probably not). I drape my bras over a horizontal broom handle in the shower to dry overnight after washing. This is obviously not a long term storage solution, unless of course you have a guest bath or fabulous laundry room.

Have you found any amazing storage solutions? Drop down into the comments and let us know!

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