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Why Quality Sleepwear Matters

I'll admit it. I used to just sleep in anything.

Ratty old t-shirt. Miss-matched random Christmas PJs all year.

But now I don't.

Well, unless it's laundry day, then maybe.

Why the change?

Well, I realized that I'm an adult and I deserve nice things.

Quality sleepwear has less of an environmental impact because I buy less of it. It comes from other small businesses that are more likely to pay a fair wage to their workers, and they are more likely to source their materials from trusted sources.

Fast fashion is a thing. It has consequences. Hasan Minhaj did an awesome piece for his Netflix show (available here on YouTube) that lays out some of the major impacts.

So now I invest in quality sleepwear in classic styles. I still have some junk, and I wear it some (the average fast fashion piece is worn only three times!).

We encourage you to do the same. Things wear out, sizes change, seasons change, but come on in, buy from a local business (cuts down on shipping, packaging, and keeps an average of $0.67 of every dollar in the local economy) and invest in quality that makes you feel good.

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