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Why are our bras so expensive?

It’s a fair question. We know you can go to other retailers or online and find bras for significantly less. What makes our bras worth more?

Let’s start with one of our best-selling bras. It retails for $84, has a size range of a 30E-40G (H cups in 32-38, B cups in 34-42). That’s the first difference, the wide size range. This one bra is available in 41 sizes to ensure that it gives the most supportive and accurate fit. Many stores only have bras in about 20 sizes. In just one bra we have doubled that size range. Of course, we have hundreds of styles of bras which range far outside these 41 sizes.

Here’s an interior picture of this cut and sewn bra with a four-part cup.

Inside of a four part cup

The wires have a double wire casing, they use plastic coated wires for these bras, stronger power netting in the wing, double lined cups, at the center gore the wires will not cross as the wires are stronger, the sliders on the strap will grab the strap and stop slipping. The seams are finished to keep the bra from fraying. This bra is made up of multiple pieces of fabric making it more able to conform to your breast shape. This means you won’t have issues like awkward gaps between your chest and your bra.

If you take care of this bra appropriately (see our post about proper bra care!) and rotate it with a couple of others it will last for at least a year, probably more. We often compare a bra to a good pair of shoes. Think about wearing shoes that hurt and pinch and have to be adjusted all the time. Why are you living with that with your bras?

Most of our bras range in the $60-$88 dollar range with some great options we have brought in in the mid $40’s. We also have some higher end, luxury bras that range from around $100 and go up over $200. These bras are gorgeous, but not for everyone, we know. Many of these bras are made in Europe, with beautiful materials and finishes and give an excellent fit.

Inside of a $200 bra
For the extra money, you're getting softer lining, more attention to detail, higher quality construction and fabric.

Bras are highly technical garments, so making them really cheaply means they actually can’t do what they’re meant to do for very long. It’s complicated to make a bra and therefore expensive. For fuller busted gals, cheaper and flimsy unsupported bras just won’t do, that’s if you can even find the cheaper ones in your size. Bras are not "fast fashion." They are designed to be worn more than three times. In fact, a good bra can make a cheap shirt look amazing, but a cheap bra can ruin the look of an amazing shirt.

It’s rarely about quantity rather than quality when buying lingerie. Sometimes it’s only the highest price point that gives the best fit. If so, you are better off having fewer bras but better quality as we wear them on average 12-15 hours per day. These aren’t for special occasions so wear a good bra every day and enjoy the feel and the comfort!

We are experts at finding the right bra for you body, your needs and your comfort. That is also what you are buying when you come into our store - our advice and expertise come with every purchase! Come see us. Book online, or stop in anytime during store hours. We are here to help you.

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