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The Magic of a Good Robe

Queen Bee Flannel Robe

I never used to be a robe person.

I mean, I saw the appeal- I love a good snuggly blanket and lounging. But somehow, despite having access to robes, I never got in the habit.

Now I can't get enough.

I give credit to my second born. He is a mid-March baby and born right at the start of quarantine 2020. It was still chilly, we were low on firewood, and there was something comforting about "getting dressed" in the morning by throwing on a snuggly robe. It was easier than a blanket with a newborn and the pockets were an asset. Add that my daughter was in remote school and spent the morning in video meetings. Naturally, I made more appearances than planned and at least had an appropriate layer.

Delightful fuzzy robe

So now the challenge is to not buy all the robes we get into the shop. I'm drawn to soft and fuzzy, but as the temperature eventually rises, I keep gazing longingly at the beautiful modal and silk we have in stock. Right now, a silk robe and a toddler is a risk I'm not ready to take, but there's something so appealing about that simple layer of luxury that I'm drawn to. But even without going to luxury fabrics, a good robe adds a decadent touch to your morning (or night). It wraps you in softness. It adds extra pockets to your sleepwear. It hides that something sexy underneath or that ratty t-shirt that you can't give up.

So if you don't have a fabulous robe, you should. We have some online, and more in store. You deserve to feel amazing.

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