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The Bra We Love To Hate- How to Pick the Perfect Strapless

Ahh Strapless.

Usually, a strapless bra means you're going somewhere fun- a wedding, a fancy party, or an exotic beach locale.

Yet somehow, strapless bras are some of the most dreaded bras out there.

Why? You just haven't found the right one!

PrimaDonna Divine Strapless in Black

This strapless by PrimaDonna is aptly called the Divine. It's like a hug. Really.

It's more expensive than some, but it comes with straps so you can wear it multiple ways or as a regular bra. The nudes have the same beautiful lace pattern, and there are two choices to beautifully match any skin tone. What we love about it is the wide band that's made of soft yet firm elastic. This baby doesn't move.

Here's the key for strapless- the band needs to fit. It needs to be snug, perhaps even more so than your regular bra. With bras, the band does 80% of the work. With a strapless, this is even more true. The shape of the cup matters, but that band is doing the job of keeping things up. Moment of truth- depending on your cup size, tissue density etc, even the best strapless is probably not going to be as high and tight as a well fitting bra with straps. This isn't a physics blog, but let's just say gravity is a force to be reckoned with.

A second thing to be prepared for is the cup size. It might be different from your everyday bra. It will probably be bigger. While you always want all your breast tissue in the cup of your bra, with strapless, you really want to feel in there. You don't want to worry about falling out while you're rocking out on the dance floor or posing for those timeless photos. Many strapless are fuller coverage than you might be used to and that's OK. The letter doesn't exist without the number. If you've gone down to a 34, you'll have to go up a letter to keep the same total volume. You might be a 36DD/E in a t shirt bra and a 34DDD/F or G in a strapless.

The numbers and letters on the tag don't matter- only how that bra fits you matters.

Last tip? Bring the dress. Bring the shirt. Bring whatever it is you're planning on wearing over your strapless and we can make sure the bra and the outfit go. We offer wardrobe boosts anytime- you deserve to feel amazing in your clothes, and the right foundations are the key. Strapless bras can and should be a key to your confidence and wardrobe!

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