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The Best Bras for DD and Up

There's nothing like a well fitting bra.

It improves your confidence and your wardrobe.

Especially if you are a DD or up.

Side note to that- there's no such thing as a DD. The letters mean nothing without the number. You can read more about it here- A DD Is Not What You Think. But onto the meat of this post.

What bras are best for DD and up?

First things first. While everyone worries about nipples (we all have them...), the best bras for full cups are soft cups with seams. Seams help lift and shape. They form to you, versus a molded cup bra that you have to fit into its shape.

Sometimes the seams or structure can be between layers of fabric giving the bra a smooth outer layer for under shirts. Often, well made seams are smooth and on the underside of your breast so you don't see them anyway.

I wear this bra under everything and the seams don't show. This is the 32F (DDD). The solid panel pulls tissue forward, the vertical seam lifts and the top panel smooths and shapes. It's also forgiving for asymmetry- the bigger breast will simply stretch it more. This bra goes to an H cup and works well for C and D cups as well.

Soft cup bras with structured lace are also great. Empreinte is a handmade and exquisite French brand that caters to full breasts. In fact, most people end up in a cup down because of the depth of the cups. If you look, the lace changes depending on the placement in the cup. They also usually nail the placement of this flower. It always covers the nipple.

They also have amazing seamed bras. The detailing is exquisite. The bands are soft and supportive. If they fit you (you need to be fairly full ), it will be hard to go back to your old bra.

Now, if you really want a molded bra, consider a spacer fabric. They are usually structured enough to diffuse the nipples, but soft enough to meet you in the middle on shape. Really, the way around nipples is seam placement or reusable nipple covers.

Not a fan of underwire? Look for all the same features, just without the wire. Make sure the band is tight enough. Look for bralettes that are specifically designed for fuller busts. They exist and are great.

When in doubt, book a fitting with your local boutique. Go see someone with years of training and experience. Someone who can cut to the chase and bring you bras that will work with your size and shape. DD is more common than you think. It is nowhere near the largest size we carry. Let us help you feel amazing.

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