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Life as a Working Mom- and how to pick a nursing bra

I guess you could say I've been a working mom the whole time we've owned the shop, but I'll tell you now it's a whole new game with two kids.

Whole new game.

We started this bra shop adventure to support women. We mean it. Both literally through amazing lingerie and figuratively though the community we are building. We love helping you feel amazing, and we're especially honored to help women going through a major life transition. Being there for you as you embark on motherhood is one of those transitions that fuels us. We've both been there, felt that and are here to help.

So let's chat nursing bras shall we?

Look, not everyone nurses, and we support that too. Trust me, there are times, like 2am, where I wish we were done, then, usually by 2:30am when the soft baby snuggles are in full swing I'm back on board. Either way- nursing or not, pregnant or not- you need a bra (or three) that fit you.

Some of the best advice I've heard from a lactation consultant is to head to the hospital with a bra or two that come in small/medium/ large with stretchy cups and fits around your ribs. Even if you choose not to nurse, your milk will come in a few days after birth (more vigorously if you are nursing) and you'll want that stretch. Once you've been home a few weeks and your breasts have settled into a routine, come see us for a few bras that really support you. You'll feel better and nurse more effectively, or at least I did.

There are a few extra things to consider- nursing bras fit like regular bras- we want a tight band and cups that encompass all your tissue no matter bra you have on. I prefer soft cup nursing bras (versus foam cups) because the foam can be tricky to get out of the way.

But my nipples you say- they're out of control and no one needs to see that.

Well ok. Fair enough. Time will tell for you, but I leaked while nursing. Sigh. I invested in reusable bamboo nursing pads and they were a part of my everyday wardrobe until nursing was done. So nipples weren't an issue. Buy the bra that works best for nursing and not what you think looks the best under the outfit you're probably not actually going to wear.

You may also have some bralettes in your wardrobe that work- I have one non-nursing bra that is a low plunge with enough coverage to keep the girls in their respective cups, but is also easy to pull to the side. This is usually what I sleep in- 2am isn't the best time to deal with clips, though you do get good at it. I promise.

The last consideration is wire or no wire.

Now, I don't sleep in my wired nursing bras on purpose, but an underwire bra that fits you is comfortable. Early in your nursing journey, nothing will be comfortable, so no wire is probably what you'll reach for, but once you're out and about a well fitting underwire is usually more supportive. We have both, and suggest a mix of bras.

So you have a lot on your plate in early motherhood. We know. It can be stressful to get out of the house and run errands. So book online (you're welcome to come before we open, or we're happy to stay late) and you'll be in the shop without distractions. Your baby can scream, you can stop everything and nurse. The fitting rooms are spacious- lots of room for car seats or strollers. You can bring your partner or a friend. We will not judge you. We also have stretch marks and scars. We've been there.

As they say, the days pass slowly but the months go fast. Don't spend any of it in an uncomfortable bra.

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