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How to Buy a Sports Bra

So it's time to get in shape.

Or you've just made the team.

Or you want to connect with your community at yoga.

All these things are better with a sports bra.

Now maybe you're thinking "I'm small breasted- it doesn't matter that much." Well, you might be right if you're talking about gentle yoga or a walk around the block. If you're planning on getting sweaty though, regardless of breast size, you should invest in a well fitting sports bra.

All the sports bras we carry are band and cup sized and close like an everyday bra. Trust us, the last thing you want at the end of a sweaty workout is to struggle to get your bra off over your head. Been there, done that. Not pretty. Using bra sizing also allows us to find bras that really fit you- you might need a "small" in the ribs and a "large" in the bust, or the opposite. The key with all bras is a tight enough band and a big enough cup to support you. Sports bras especially are designed to minimize movement- this protects the ligaments in your breasts and makes for a more comfortable workout. You're not going to achieve your goals if you're too sore to get moving.

That said, you don't want your bras so tight you can't move. Being fuller coverage and tighter materials, you might size up in the band and possibly even the cup. You want the girls all the way in... so start with your most common bra size, but be open to experimenting until you find the prefect balance of comfort and support. We're here to help you do that- we'll bring you sizes and styles that should work, and you tell us what feels good.

You're not alone in the quest to find the perfect sports bra- come in and see us. You can book online, or stop by anytime the doors are open. You deserve to feel amazing everywhere from the yoga mat to the matinee. Let us help!

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