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Five Scary Bra Myths Busted...

There are all sorts of myths out there about bras and it't time to bust them up... ready? Let's do it.

1. Bras don't come in my size, I'm such a weird shape. Sigh.

2. Underwires hurt.

3. I need a racerback because my straps allllllways slip

4. I need a wide band to hide my back fat

5. I have to have it in beige. That's the only color that works with any of my clothes.

Ok. Let's take it from the top.

You are not a weird size. Bras exist out there that will fit you. Probably one of the 3,000 bras we have in stock will work. If not, we'll do our absolute best to order it for you.

DDD? Middle of the alphabet. We don't even get nervous until we get up around K, even then it's just a selection issue. Band size? We'll figure it out. You're probably smaller than you think you are. If not, we carry most things in at least a 40, if not more.

Underwires hurt.

Well, ill fitting underwires can hurt. You want your underwire sitting flush on your torso all the way around. If you press on one end, the other end shouldn't move. It will probably leave a mark on your body (just like a sock) and the end of the day. Roll with it, it's all good. You probably need a bigger cup that surrounds all your breast tissue. A well fitting underwire can be the most comfortable thing you own...

On to the shoulders. 

Straps always fall down? Your band is probably too big. If the straps are set for the width of a much wider person, well yeah, they're going to slip. Come try a smaller band, kicked in straps or maybe just the right tightness.

And you know what will help with "back fat"? A bra that fits your chest. That puts all your breast tissue in the cup. That's tight enough to stay where you put it, and not ride up, bringing things along for the ride. We all have armpits. Well, all of us with at least some arms. A wider band, a looser bra- those are not really going to solve the problem (especially not the later). Celebrate the body you have.

Lastly. Beige. We get it. Beige works. Sometimes called tan or sand or nude (though companies are getting better about not assuming everyone is naturally beige), this is a safe bet. But we're willing to bet there might be a color out there better for you. Either a better match for your skin tone, or a better match for your personality and wardrobe. Are you wearing a tight white t shirt right now? Doubtful (though some of you are)- it's after labor day and all- time to wait until winter white is OK. That blue shirt is not going to show your fun mulberry bra. So wear the fun bra.

What are some of your biggest fears about bras? Myths you'd like to see busted? Hilarious stories of bras gone wrong? Magical moments of bras winning the day? Head to the comments section or drop a comment on Facebook- we'd love to hear them!

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