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Eliminate the Bubbles and Bra Rolls

Look, first off, every single person has rolls.

Even the models.

a bra model before and after photoshop

This kind of editing is really common in lingerie. Some vendors put a little tiny disclaimer that the image was retouched, but most don't.

There are however some bra rolls and bubbles we can improve.

The ones on the model above are outside the bra. The tempation might be to go looser in the band to keep the bra from "squeezing" but that's not really what's happening here. If you look at the top of the band, that's not where the "rolls" are.

Some bras have wider bands that can dispurse the "squeeze", and you can go looser if you're willing to accept the lift will be non-existant and the straps will probably fall. Trying different styles at the fitting boutique will adress most if not all of this issue. A large band may also cause more problems as it rides up and scoops your skin along the way.

The main solution is to work with what you have and know no one looks like the photoshopped images.

As for bubbling out the top of you bra- that's an easy fix. Go up a cup or three.

Many people think DDD is the biggest cup size available. Truth is O cups are common, P-Z exist. If you are bubbling out, your cup is too small. Go see a professional bra fitter (like us!) and be open to being a much "bigger" cup size than you thought.

People are soft. Bras are designed to be snug like a hug. They're designed to hold you and lift your tissue. Eliminate the bubbles by embracing your curves and living your life. You deserve to feel amazing because you are!

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