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Women Helping Women

Before I went all in in the bra business, I was a nationally certified ski instructor. I suppose I still am, though that's not how I pay my bills anymore.

Throughout my 20 year career (even though last I knew I was just barely 21), I did it all.

3 year olds. 70 year olds.

First timers. Ripping steeps and trees skiers.

Matcho guys guys who wrote me off until they couldn't keep up. Moms who were scared but wanted to ski with their kids.

Turns out, one of the most fun groups to teach were groups of women.

Which I never thought would be the case. I used to think of myself as a tomboy. I had had a lot of guy friends in high school and college. I worked construction for 6 years. Groups of women were intimidating.

Then, being the only fully certified woman on the full time adult staff at the time, I ended up the team leader for the women's week clinics at Killington. Five full days of lessons, a banquet, door prizes, the whole shebang.

Other than the time some of the participants found me in the shower at the spa before the banquet and chose that as the time to tell me they thought one of the women in their group was too slow, it changed my opinion about women's groups. I came to appreciate the unparalleled support and energy that radiated between those women. It became something I searched for in my professional development and personal circles.

I suspect it led me to La Pêche. To a job that both taps into my nerd skills and my teaching skills. That sets me up to help women feel amazing every day. To train staff to help you, and share tips and tricks through our emails and social media posts. Plus, bra fitting is so much warmer.

So all of this this to say that our business is built on a desire to help. To take our technical skills and apply them in a way that helps you feel amazing. If you're looking for a sports bra that locks the girls down for that epic mogul run, or something lace that lifts and separates, we're here for you. So book a fitting on your way to the mountains or gather up your best girlfriend and make a weekend of it. We'll see you soon.


Interested in ski lessons? Be sure to ask for a PSIA-AASI Certified instructor!

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