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They're Sisters, not Twins

Pair of pants, matching socks.

There are some things we assume (well, probably not the socks) match. Are the same on both sides.

A lot of us assume our breasts are on that list.

Well, you might have guessed it- they're not.

While many breasts are about the same size as their teammate, many are not. Some are very different. So what to do?

First, realize you're not alone. You are not weird or different. You're in the majority.

Second, book a fitting with your local professional bra fitters and let us help you. We have many tricks up our sleeves. We usually fit the larger breast in a soft cup bra with stretch on the top. The larger breast simply stretches the cup more than the smaller one. We have bump pads, we can shorten or lengthen the strap on just the one side that needs it. We can guide you towards styles that won't make the difference as noticeable, or will support both breasts as individuals.

We know it can be frustrating. That you're years into this struggle and think there's no hope. So we're here to listen and help you. You deserve to feel amazing.

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