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Rock your Wedding Dress - Tops & Bottoms for the Big Day

It goes without saying you want to look amazing on your wedding day.

With so many beautiful choices out there, wedding dress shopping can be a fun and overwhelming experience. It's a once in a lifetime purchase that you'll see in photos every day, so be sure to take the time to pick out the right foundations so you feel radiant all day.

Most wedding dresses require a strapless bra- you can read more about selecting the perfect one here. Strapless come in different shapes, so depending on your band and cup size, it may be best to come in a pick out a comfortable strapless that really fits to wear dress shopping. While there are thousands of bras out there, it is sometimes easier to choose a dress that works with your shape than struggle to pull it all together. This is especially true for those of us with a little more bust to work with.

If you want a backless or very plunging style, ask the bridal salon if they can add the cups and support right into the dress. Backless and plunging bras are typically not as supportive as traditional strapless, so if you have a lot to to work with, you might struggle. Your dress and bra need to work with your body, otherwise you'll be uncomfortable and distracted all day.

Now, us ladies have bottoms too. Shapewear is an entirely different animal. Multiple brands make it in an almost infinite array of heights, lengths, compression strength. The most firm styles usually have seams, so consider that when shopping for a dress. With thin or clinging fabric, you might be able to smooth more than you can compress. Shapewear can do amazing things, but it can't make you actually disappear. Our advice? Bring the dress and try on a wide variety of bras and shapewear pieces. If you can't bring the dress, bring a dress in a similar fabric or style to see how everything works together. Be prepared to sit down, stand, wiggle, reach over- we have large fitting rooms and great music so you can do just that!

Don't forget the fun things too- garters, hose, something blue, a little something to slip into when the festivities are over- we love being part of your day and helping with all the details! Book a fitting or swing on in- we're here for you. We deserve bras that make us feel amazing every day, but especially on those milestone days we'll remember forever.

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