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Life Cycle of a Bra

As much as we love our favorite bra, it has a life cycle and it's probably shorter than you think...

Our bras last longer if we care for them (hand wash, never in the dryer), but here are some clues that it's time to replace that beloved:

  • It just doesn't fit anymore

You're on the tightest hooks, the straps won't stay tight. The cup is gaping or overflowing. Your body changes, you need your bras to change with it...

  • It's showing signs of wear

Rips, pilling, broken bits. Stretched out elastic that stays all wonky. It used to be pink and now it's like a beige grey. You deserve better. 100%. You're a grown woman, your bra should not have holes in it. Ever. Unless it's airy lace and that's the design.

Check out these before and after shots- same bra, a year or so apart. If you have bras that look like this, it's time to book an appointment and replace them...

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