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Do you belong to the Church of the matching underpants?

I often say I belong to the Church of the Matching Underpants. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. My Aunt Kathy bought me my first matching bra and undie set when I was a teen and I’ve been hooked ever since. I see it as one thing I can do that makes me feel together. Life is unpredictable and often overwhelming and this is something I can manage to do for myself every day.

I know this is annoying to some of you, but hear me out. It doesn’t have to be difficult. When I buy a bra, I usually grab 2 pairs of bottoms to match if it isn’t a color I have in my collection or can’t be coordinated with something I already have. I make my own rules on what matches. Most of the times it isn’t the specific underwear made to go with the bra. Right now, we have these girl shorts from Commando.

Commando Girl Short in a pretty floral

I am grabbing a pair to wear with the black, red and pink bras I have. I think these would even work with a tan or beige bra. Patterns with lots of colors are an easy way to match. Why should kids be the only ones with underwear that are fun? I think Commando ( a Vermont company!) is the very best at fun graphics and patterns

Most days I wear the Cosabella Soire bikini. I have them in about 10 colors and they work with most of the bras I have. I live in fear of Cosabella discontinuing them and I kinda think they may…they aren’t releasing as many colors and I can no longer get the navy. I often compare them to the stretchy mesh undies they give you in the hospital after giving birth, but way cuter. Right now, we have them in basic colors (white, blush, black) along with rose and red. We also have the same fabrication in the thong.

Cosabella Soire bikini trio

I have these in some random colors & I’ll wear those with a black bra, because to me, that matches. See, I make my own rules.

There are a few bras I have that I am sure to get the specific matching bottoms. Marlies Dekkers has such special pieces and I often buy the set. If the color of the bra is unusual, I buy the set. I love Empreinte and when I went to the L’Atelier in Paris, I bought a gorgeous set in a melon color (more on that later). Obviously, since I work in the industry, this is an easy thing for me to do. But I would argue, that it can be for you as well.

If this idea holds no appeal for you, totes cool, this is something I do for fun! Our plates are already plenty full and if this just seems like one more thing on your already overflowing plate, please ignore. Maybe though, next time you get a new bra, you grab a few pair of bottoms that make a matching set and see if it is something that brings a little spring in your step.

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