Rich in vegetable oils, olive and copra, this liquid soap traditionally cooked in cauldron gently cleanses and helps the skin to preserve its natural balance. Ideal for all skin type and family!

96% of the total ingredients are from natural origin


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French Liquid Soap

  • How to use: Pure and natural, This pure and natural liquid soap adapts to hand and body care, to use under the shower or simply for wash the hands.


    Orange Blossom

    Emblematic of Provence, the orange blossom is one of the iconic raw materials of the Grasse high perfumery. After a vegetal start of small grain, is revealed a joyful and addictive orange blossom. Sunny and generous notes are revealed through this new interpretation of Orange Blossom which invites to a complacency moment and leaves a sweet veil on the skin, soft like a kiss. A perfumed elixir with Orange Blossom, the most precious essence of the vegetable raw material. oked in a cauldron in the traditional recipe, our liquid soap is based on vegetable oils. We guarantee thaht our liquid soap doesn't contain any artificial coloring, animal fat or synthetic surfactant.

    Rose Geranium

    Introduced in Europe during the 17th century, geraniums were initially used for medicinal purposes. They were soon used in perfumery as well, for the aromatic properties of their leaves and stems. The rose-like aroma of geranium is particularly delicate, both sweet and strong, very similar to that of rose, yet distinctive thanks to its light green and citrus notes. PANIER DES SENS has selected the Pelargonium Graveolens, also known as Rose Geranium to embody the first fragrance of this iconic collection.

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