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True Friendship and the Value of Support


Sometimes a friend pushes you to do what is best.

Talking with friends and ruminating about what I wanted from life was what helped me make my final decision to buy JOY. I have been blessed with amazing friends. Some I have had for over 30 years. One of those showed up to help us in the opening of La Pêche. E & I have been through some things. Real things. Things we couldn’t have ever imagined when we were growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta. When this all was happening, I knew I needed her. One, because she is one of my people. I knew she would come in town and with the shorthand we had cultivated over decades, things would get done. Also, she is a brilliant professional photographer and we really needed that skill set to launch our vision. I watched these skills develop as she built a darkroom (remember those?) in a closet when we were in high school. She’s got mad talent. But most of all she understands me and I trusted her to see what we wanted our little bra shop to be.

All the photographs you will see soon on our website, in the store and in advertising are hers. She did this just for love of me and our vision.

Friends are important, but what does this have to do with our little bra shop?

Even before I worked at JOY, I brought friends in for a proper bra fitting and a good bra for a birthday gift or other special occasion. I have always believed that the items we wear closest to our skin should be beautiful and feel good. I wanted my friends to know this is as well. I want you to know. If you haven’t ever felt comfortable in your bra, or you just want something new, grab a friend and head to La Pêche. If you want them in the fitting room with you, there is plenty of space. If you need a little privacy, they can sit in our comfy chairs or have a fitting of their own. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a woman go up to her friends and excitedly point to her breasts and say “this is amazing, I had no idea I wasn’t wearing the right bra for my shape/size/needs”. It really can be transformative, empowering and just more fun with the women you love.

There is a new friendship in my life. Katherine and I decided to go into business together and buy JOY. We didn’t know each other very well, but we each trusted the others work ethic and skillsets. It has been wonderful gift to get to know and work with her. I am very grateful for this gift of a new friendship. And we are both very grateful for all of you who trust us when you bring your friends into our little shop.

Really, bra shopping can be fun. It can be even better with a friend.


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